Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Snapshots of Iloilo

In lieu of 3 snapshots, i bring you a collection i took of my home province, Iloilo. I went home over the weekend to assess our home's damage as well as attend my lola's funeral (my brother and dad saved her from drowning during the flood, but sadly she died a day later --- it was not because of the flood, perhaps, it was just time for her to finally rest. She was 89.
We thank the people who helped us and supported us throughout lola's proceedings, as well as those who have generously helped us in the wake of the typhoon.

We brought my grandmother's remains to my dad's hometown, an hour's ride from Carles, where we also have a home. Along the way we saw the damage typhoon Frank dealt on the Ilonggos and it was heart breaking. Many wait along the road, hoping that rice, canned goods and other relief items will come their way.

Though many have already helped , there are still many who take advantage of the situation, either by becoming lazy victims who do not help themselves, or greedy people who either raise prices and/or hoard the goods freely donated to the community--- SHAME on YOU!!!!

Much kudos goes out to the NGOS, the AFP, volunteers and selfless politicians who took it upon themselves to be responsible in times like these!

Many still need help. In the wake of Pacquiao's fantastic win, we revel in the shared joy & kinship every filipino felt. I hope that in helping others, we will also have the same unified spirit. It has been an overwhelming experience for everybody, but the humanitarian spirit prevails, shown in the generosity of people, sometimes even strangers to help someone in need.

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